Don't have a web site or have website that is boring and needs a bit of a revamp? No problem! VeriCon SA will help get your company on the map by designing a web site that best depicts your company, and present it to the world.

Our websites offer the following benefits:

* Unlimited number of pages, photo galleries and documents to your website;

* Newsletters, specials, events calendar, enquiry forms, FAQ's and more;

* Online Survey forms to collect data;

* Advertising space on your website that can be used to gain profit;

* Industry specific websites such Real Estate and Vehicle Dealerships

Cost:  R2 500 / web site*

Terms and Conditions apply.

* This is the standard price for our websites. This price does not include the annual domain registration or monthly hosting fees. Vericon SA hosts all their website with Kwikwap and domain hosting and registration fees are subject to their prices.  We often have specials for web design. Please view our Specials page for the latest specials.